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    전세계 항공사 등급 중 5성급 랭크의 항공사입니다.


    아래 내용은 스카이트랙스( http://www.airlinequality.com )내용을 인용했습니다.


    한국 항공사로는 아시아나 항공이 5성급 항공사로 랭크 되었습니다.


    5 Star Ranking : The 'ultimate' ranking, awarded to airlines achieving the highest Quality performance. 5 Star status recognizes airlines at the forefront of product and service delivery achievement, that generally set trends to be followed by other carriers. This Ranking is assessed by SKYTRAX after detailed Product and Service standards analysis for each featured airline, and is NOT connected in any way to customer ratings across the Forum pages on this site.

    A 5 Star ranking recognises highest standard of Product across the different quality assessment categories, and consistently high standards of Staff Service delivery in Onboard and Airport environments.

    the world's 5-star airlines


    Speaking about the exclusive 5-Star Airline ranking, Skytrax CEO, Mr Edward Plaisted .... "The greatest attribute behind 5-Star status is an airline's ability to deliver the combination of Product and Service. A great product standard is not by itself the key to a 5-Star ranking, and we are equally concerned by the Quality of front-line service that an airline provides. We are focussed on recognising airlines whose staff deliver a true 5-Star standard of service delivery. The Star Ranking covers both Airport and Onboard services .... and an airline meeting a 5-Star level onboard, whilst only at say a 3-Star standard in the airport environment, will not be eligible for the 5-Star accolade.  In a similar manner, there may be an airline that delivers 5-Star standards across 70-80 per cent of product analysis, whilst achieving 5-Star status for 90 per cent of the service delivery items, and this will be classed as eligible for the global 5-Star accolade."


    아시아나 항공 랭크 정보 더 보기.......

    아래는 4성급 항공사 입니다.

    대한항공은 4성급 항공사에 들어 가네요~!

    국가이름을 단 항공사들이 많군요~!



    The seal of Quality Approval awarded to airlines supplying a good Quality performance across the range of Product and Service delivery rating areas.  This Ranking is assessed by SKYTRAX after detailed Product and Service standards analysis for each featured airline (Star Ranking is NOT connected in any way to customer ratings).

    The official 4-Star Airline ranking signifies airlines providing a good standard of Product across all travel categories - combining with a good standard of Staff Service delivery across the Onboard and Airport environments.


    The world's 4-star airlines


    SKYTRAX World Airline Star Ranking represents the Quality rating of standards applied across each airline's front-line Product & Service standards - for both ground and onboard operations. 

    대한항공 랭크 정보 더보기...

    이하 랭크 정보나 자세한 내용은 http://www.airlinequality.com/StarRanking/ranking.htm 에서 확인하세요~!


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      나는 카타르항공 비행기 타봤는데 좋은점이라면은 바로 각종 좌석에 텔레비젼시설이 마련되어있어서 자유롭게 동영상들을 골라 볼수있다는거! 이러니 카타르항공이 파이브스타 항공사로 점수받잖어!

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